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Thanking you for visiting our Organic Superfoods and Ayurveda store! Here is a quick summary of all that we offer: We offer the best tasting organic coffee substitute available online. Our premium organic whey protein, and ayurvedic protein supplement are highly sought after, and offered exclusively in our store.

We source premium antioxidant organic and raw superfoods that are the best in their class. These are remarkable whole foods that provide your body with concentrated vitamins, minerals, and raw live energy.

We find either the best quality product to sell, or we create our own to meet our high standards. Check out our own line of organic ayurvedic products and supplements. Or browse our organic body care category, which includes ayurvedic shampoo and organic shampoo.

We also offer organic ghee, organic churnas (Ayurvedic spices designed to help keep your Doshas in balance), and organic ayurvedic teas, including vata dosha tea.

We also offer a full line of coconut products, which include organic coconut flour, organic coconut water, and organic coconut oil.

Our extensive organic superfoods line includes organic chia seeds, organic maca powder, organic cacao butter and organic cocoa powder.

We feature a full line of super fruits - rare fruits from all corners of the earth that offer powerful antioxidant and rejuvenative qualities. We have organic dragon fruit, organic acai, raw goji berries, raw golden berries, and organic camu camu.

Have a sweet tooth? We carry a full line of organic and healthy sugar alternatives. Save big on our bulk coconut sugar, low glycemic sweetener, yacon syrup, and organic stevia.

We wish you health, joy, and tasty blessings!